About the Course

The ATC ELIA PM Training Course is a foundation-level, on-demand eLearning course developed by industry experts from leading language service companies and associations.

The course is available anywhere, anytime and provides learners 90-day access to online lessons, videos, practice tasks and quizzes.

On completion of the course, learners can download a Certificate of Attendance.


Course prices are per learner. Get in touch for multiple learner licences and discounts for over 5 learners!

PM Training Course
ATC and ELIA member companies: €500 + VAT (if applicable)
Members of partner associations (ATC Certification, JUNTOS: €630 + VAT (if applicable)
Non-member companies: €700 + VAT (if applicable)
Individual learners: €500 + VAT (if applicable)

Certification Exam
Per learner: €100 + VAT (if applicable)

Module I – The Bigger Picture

Module I, The Bigger Picture, gives learners a broad, insightful introduction to the language services industry.

Learners get a comprehensive industry overview and learn about its trends and stakeholders. They will learn what kinds of language service providers and companies there are, what sectors they operate in, what services they offer, and what technology is used industry-wide. They will also gain insight into what language services look like from a buyer’s perspective. 

This module contains six lessons and establishes the foundation to understand how the language services industry works. This is an excellent starting point for developing a deeper understanding and skills in project management.


  • Industry
  • Clients
  • Collaboration
  • Services
  • Technology
  • Localisation from the buyer perspective

Module II – The Language Service Provider

Module II, The Language Service Provider, introduces learners to the inner workings of a company providing expert solutions to match their clients’ language service needs.

Learners will discover different company structures and learn about key functions of an LSP. They’ll also gain insight into financial management, sustainability and ISO certification. 

This module contains six lessons on the ins and outs of an LSP, allowing learners to further develop and deepen their language services industry knowledge and hone their proficiency as project managers.


  • Key functions: Sales, Project Management and Vendor Management
  • Key functions: Technology, Account Management and Quality Control
  • Financial management
  • Business sustainability
  • LSP vertical specialisation and structures
  • ISO certification

Module III – Project Management

Module III, Project Management, takes learners to the wonderful world of language service project managers whose job is to ensure that every project is managed well, from start to finish.

Learners will uncover the skills and tools they need as project managers in the language services industry, and gain an understanding of the the key characteristics an efficient project manager needs. 

This module contains ten lessons giving for a deep insight into all aspects of project management, from communication to customer service, and technology to finance. This module will allow learners to advance the skills and knowledge they have acquired in the previous modules while complementing their skillset with detailed competencies and techniques that are in a high demand for a project manager in this industry.


  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Interpreting
  • Pricing
  • Where next? Other roles
  • Skills and competencies
  • Stress, priorities, time management
  • Targets, results and workload
  • Role and tasks of PMs
  • Technology and tools

The Certification Exam

You can buy a separate Certification Exam to complement the Training Course, and showcase your or your team’s skills and knowledge.

The exam consists of 22 questions, one based on each lesson of the PM Training Course. Learners have one attempt, and must achieve a 15/22 score to pass the exam. 

Upon successfully passing the Certification Exam, learners can download their Certified PM badge and certificate.